the beginning

I understood my calling while working in the medical field

It was at the height of the COVID pandemic and I had a patient on hospice. The conversation we shared just days before his passing and his declaration of accepting Jesus as his Savior and Lord was not only emotional but humbling. In a matter of a few years, I had gone from not even wanting to attend a church (as I saw organized religion as a fallacy of man) to not only understanding the need and purpose of the church but wanting to plant All Seasons Church.



A new perspective

I was raised Catholic, and joined the military after graduating high school

from there I entered the fire service and EMS. Along the way, I became what you would call a cultural Christian. I knew who Jesus was, I understood what He did, and I was a fan of it. I fell away from the Catholic church, and for some time, joined another church. My wife Tanya and I were married there and after a few years, I once again fell away from the church. I felt there was something wrong but at the time I was not looking in the mirror. As God would have it though, my wife had not. She started attending church and kept at me to come.

After some time, I finally did, and to be honest, I was struck by what I saw. It was not like the churches I had grown up in. Worship music instead of hymnals, open embraces versus stoic nods of the head. My idea of what and how the church was to be was being challenged in a good way. I started not just reading the Bible but concentrating on it, praying regularly, attending service at Meadows Church, and from their small groups started to understand that Jesus does not want a fan club. Jesus wants us to follow Him. I became a chaplain and then had my calling to become a pastor and plant a church.

So who am I?

So, who am I? I am a veteran of the Army who after serving 9 years has been involved in the fire/EMS services for 30 years. I am a husband to my loving wife Tanya, and we have 4 young men we have helped raise. I am a sinner that came from not believing in religion or church to wanting to help others grow in their faith and help them do the same for others.